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“IP media” is a system that uses the Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure to provide digital TV services, these services can in turn be provided by a broadband connection to users. Some users obtain IP media along with video and Internet services such as Web access and VoIP. In the business world, combining VoIP, IP media and access to the Internet (telecommunications) is called Triple play.

Perhaps a simpler definition of IP media is “the transfer of TV images via computer networks instead of the standard layout of cables”.

IP media broadcasts both live television images (multimedia) and saved television images or VOD (based on the request of individuals). To restore the image and review it either a computer or a receiver connected to a television is required. Images are broadcast via MPEG2 or MPEG4, if the images are live via IP Multicast, and if they are stored (VOD) via IP Unicast. With Multicast IP systems information is sent simultaneously to multiple computers.

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