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IP Media Systems

“IP media” is a system that uses the Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure to provide digital TV services, these services can in turn be provided by a broadband connection

BMS Systems

Design, supervision and employment of all BMS systems, we help you control energy consumption in engine rooms and mechanical installations and implement a secure environment to prevent excess energy consumption.

Parking Space Management

With the development of human technology and the emergence of the digital era we are now experiencing a completely new world. Amongst the various new technologies ,systems pertaining to time

Luxurious and smart Villas

Better security for both occupied and unoccupied villas, lighting and audio-visual facilities with modern control panels , automatic watering of gardens and fields , controlling the arrival and departure of

Smart Hotels

Turn your hotel into a 6 star resort Smart Hotels have a more advanced security system and superior technology compared to other hotels. Movement is controlled using smart cards. Cards

Smart shopping centers

Not only do Smart shopping centers give a sense of comfort and modernity to customers but they are also more convenient and safe for shopkeepers. So without wasting their time

Smart offices

Nowadays people spend most of their time at work and companies are constantly looking for ways to increase employee satisfaction and efficiency, by implementing smart strategies and with a little

Smart restaurants

In addition to comfort and convenience smart restaurants offer better management systems. Various ways of using cameras, jukeboxes, different lighting options etc. are all contributing factors in making your restaurant

Smart Homes

Smart home and home automation systems, decrease energy consumption, provide security and help protect people and equipment.  In addition they reduce excess costs and improve management ….